June 21, 2007



June 9, 2007

Indonesian Association of Women with Disabilities in Bali

Indonesian Association of Women with Disabilities Bali is established on March 12, 2006. It’s very young organization. The first program that we do is socialization and consolidation our organization in society and government. The aims of those programs are to increase their awareness about existence of Women with disabilities.

To lost double discrimination of women with disabilities as women exactly and as people with disabilities in family, society and country. Women and young girls with disabilities still get the discrimination. In addition, many of them still hidden in their home and didn’t get equal right.

To struggle social build up of women with disability by improvement their degree and dignity, also to improve the human resources quality. To struggle equal opportunity and full participation also rising equal right between men, women and women with disabilities.

Tlp 081338730922 or 03617916325
Bank account Bank BPD Bali Cabang Renon
Ni Kadek Armayanti (Director),
Desiani (Treasurer)

February 2006
Located: Bunga Bali Foundation, Denpasar – Bali

That meeting held for establish Indonesian Association of Women with disability in Bali. The members are cross disability women (physically, vision impaired, deaf and mute, and mentally). All of the board members are disable women.

1. Chairman : Ni Kadek Armayanti, (physically)
2. Vice : Ni Ketut Mursi (vision impaired)
3. Secretary : Witriani and Komang Suyasning, (physically)
4. Treasure : Ketut Desiani, (physically)

5. Public Relation : Ketut Leni Astiti, (physically)
6. Advocate : Eka Darmayanti, (vision impaired)
7. Education : Ketut Srinadi, (physically)
8. Training : Komang Ardini, (physically)
9. Fund Raising : Made Indrani Rahayu, (vision impaired)
10. Spiritual : Dewa Ayu Putri, (deaf)
11. Social Prosperous : Sang Ayu Pt Sujiati, (physically)


December 12, 2006
Located: Education Department of Bali
To celebrate the international disability and National Mother Day, we made event for launching our organization. That event include one day seminar. The seminar’s topic is “The struggle of mothers who have disabilities daughter”, attended by women with disability and their mother. (about 400 people).
The speakers of the seminar are:
1.Proft. Dr dr Luh Ketut Suryani SpKj (K), she is famous pshicologist in Bali
2.Ni Wy Sukerti, SH, she is gender specialist from Udayana University.
3.Ni Kt Mursi, she is vision impaired women who has good confidence and income.
The aims of that event are to do socialization and give motivation to the women with disability and the mother


March 10, 2007
Located: Stage of Art Center of Bali

To celebrate 1st anniversary of our organization, we held comedy drama performance collaboration with Balinese comedian. We prepared for the performance during 2 month. Balinese comedian trained us twice a week. The performance was supported by some sponsors.

The title is “My World, Your World”. The aim of this drama is to show to the societies that disable people not always identical with sadness, hopeless, but we also can entertain others, we also feel happy and joy in our life, it’s the same as normal people. The other aims of this drama are to improve our art expression, and give motivation for all of disable people to be tuft and never give up with what we faces in our life. We can if we want. This show is free and we also provided facilities for the people with wheelchair. There are about 4000 audiences came.


1. Data base women with disability in Bali (survey)
We will make survey about women with disability in Bali, regency by regency, to know about the education, ages, job, income, self confidence, kind of disabilities, hobby and what kinds of problems they faces.
From the data we will get information how many women with disability in Bali, what the problems, what they need, and what should we do to help them.

Tailor, Massage, cooking, and foreign language, etc depend on the talent of the clients and the prospect of the job.

3.Capital loan for set up small business
Disable people who have skill is difficult to find job in factory or government. We will support them to set up their own small businesses by giving capital loan, with low interest so that they can employ their friends and to support others to have their own businesses.

4. Informal education
We will make seminars to improve our knowledge, like reproduction health for women with disability who is being a mother, sanitation and others current issues about women in society.